What and where is my 3921 form?

Section 6039 of the Internal Revenue Code requires companies to provide Form 3921 Copy B to the employee by January 31 of the year following the year of exercise of an incentive stock option ("ISO"). Companies can deliver this file electronically to you through Carta platform. 

To download your form 3921 Copy B:

1. Navigate to 'Holdings' > 'Documents' page.

2. Click on "download".

Alternatively, you can download the Copy B from the grant directly.

1. Navigate to 'Holdings' > 'Portfolio' page

2. Click on the grant image or use the grey "v" and select "view.

 3. Click "Exercise history" and find the stock certificate that was issued during the tax year. Click on "Documents" drop down to download 3921 Copy B form in PDF.

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