Create Convertible Terms

If this is your first convertible note issuance, begin by clicking 'Create convertible term.'

If you would like to create a convertible note block, click on 'Convertibles' under Securities.

1. Click the drop-down arrow next to 'Manage convertible terms' on the top right of the page. Then click 'Create convertible terms.'

2. Fill out the required information and then choose 'Create terms.'

The valuation cap sets a maximum value at which a convertible security will convert into equity in the financing round.

The conversion discount is the discount rate at which the note holder will purchase shares in the next financing round.

3. Upload the documents you would like to attach for each convertible security. 

Note: To issue convertibles in Carta the Form of Convertible is required, the Purchase agreement is optional.

If you would like to Issue Convertibles using the import tool, click the link below: Issue Convertibles - Bulk Import

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