Issue Convertibles - Bulk Import

1. To bulk import convertible notes, navigate to 'Convertibles' under Securities.

If this is your first convertible note issuance, begin by clicking 'Create convertible term.'

2. If you have already issued convertible notes, click 'Add Convertibles.' 

If you wish to create a new financing, select 'Create financing' in the drop-down menu OR if you wish to draft a new convertible note, click 'Draft convertibles.'

3.  Click 'Draft convertibles,' then click 'Add convertible notes' and select 'Import multiple convertible notes' from the drop-down menu.

4. In the popup, download the spreadsheet and change the information to your desired specifications. Once you have uploaded the updated file, click 'Next: match spreadsheet columns.'

5. If your spreadsheet uses different column headings than the certificate fields, match them to the appropriate field. Then hit 'Next: review data.'

6. If there is an error, please go back to the spreadsheet, correct it, then re-upload.

    If there are no errors,  click 'Import data.'

After uploaded, ensure that the "Form of Convertible" has been uploaded to each draft before the next step.

7. Select all of the drafts that you wish to be sent for officer signatures, then click 'Send.'

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