Uploading a Single File

The Single file document loader is used to upload a single file that will be sent to each LP.

1. To upload investor documents first navigate to the applicable fund.

2. Select 'Partner documents' under Investors.

3. Click 'Upload Documents' then select 'Single file'.

4. Fill out all information, attach the document and choose 'Upload'. Every partner selected will receive the document as-is.

5. Once the document has been uploaded, you can send the documents to your investors by clicking the checkbox next to the relevant names and choosing 'Share documents' in the 'Actions' drop-down.

6. After clicking 'Share documents' you will have the option to send a notification to the investor.

7. A popup window will appear where you can include a message to your investors before sending the documents. Select 'Send' to distribute the documents to your investors.

If you experience any issues while uploading documents, feel free to reach out to investorservices@carta.com for assistance. 

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