Investment Firm and Fund Dashboard Overview

To get a snap shot of your investment firm's activities on Carta as of today's date, click on 'Dashboard' from the drop-down menu under 'Holdings.'


  • Total  amount of capital committed to the investment vehicle from underlying investors.


  • Total amount of capital called/contributed to the investment vehicle from underlying investors.


  • Total  value of capital distributions from an investment vehicle to underlying investors.

Initial investment

  • Total capital deployed into investment opportunities

Follow-on investment

  • Total capital earmarked for follow-on investment


  • Total capital earmarked for future obligations or investment opportunities

Number of companies

  • Total number of unique investee companies

Total Value

  • Current value of remaining assets within an investment vehicle, plus the gross value of all distributions to date


  • Ratio of total capital distributions and remaining value and investor expects to receive against total capital contributed

Investment Pace

  • The rate at which an investment manager calls and deploys capital

Cost by Sector

Total Cost by Round

Top Five Investments By Value

  • This table shows the top five investments by value including the date, cost, value, multiple and IRR

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