How to Access Fund Investment Documents

After an LP accepts a fund investment, they are able to access documents such as K-1s, capital notices, and annual reports etc. by navigating to the Documents button under the Portfolio dropdown.

From this page, they will be able to view all of the available documents for the fund investments they have made. They can filter the documents by clicking on the filter icon near the top of the page and can search for a specific document through the Search bar.

Alternatively, if an LP wants to view documents for a specific Fund, they can click to that fund. On the specific fund page, they can click Portfolio > Documents or click the Documents link underneath the name of the fund.

To view a document an LP can click on the v dropdown button on the right side of each document line item and View document. This will open up the document in a separate window.

Alternatively, an LP can download documents by checking the box on the left side of the line item, then click Actions and Download documents

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