Setting Cap Table Access for stakeholders

Companies can share their cap tables and financials with their investors securely through Carta. Investors no longer need to contact the company monthly or quarterly to get this information. Employees and other stakeholders can also gain better insight into their holdings. Legal administrators and Company Editors can set or change this access at any time. 

When a stakeholder makes a request via their portfolio, the company's Stakeholder Relations contact is notified by email. To see how legal administrators can change the approver for these requests click here

Legal administrators can change stakeholder access in two places on Carta:

  1. Click on an email request from a stakeholder. Once they log in, they can click on 'Grant access' directly from the task page. 
  2. Go to 'Stakeholders > Cap Table access.'  Select the stakeholder and 'Set access.'  
  3. Choose the desired level of access for the stakeholder. Learn more about the levels of cap table access.
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