Financing FAQs

Q: How do I enter the share class details?

A: You will be able to create a new share class from the financing guide. All of the share class details will be found in your company’s Articles of Incorporation put together by your legal team. If you are issuing from an existing share class, please contact us at and request assistance.

Q: Can I collect signatures and funds after the closing date?

A: Yes, this date is a soft date intended for all parties to be on the same page but does not act as a stop on the transaction.

Q: What if a shareholder is not participating in this round but still needs to sign the documents?

A: At this time, they will need to sign the documents outside of Carta. You can send those signature pages to your financing manager and he or she can attach them to the final closing document along with the electronic signature pages from Carta.

Q: How do I resend an invitation to an investor?

A: You can re-invite an investor to the round by clicking on the checkbox next to the investor you wish to reinvite, scroll up to the blue "Actions" button and select "Resend invite email".

Q:  What if I don’t want convertible note holders to receive a notification regarding this round?

A: If you simply want notes to convert without the holders being invited to the financing, you can convert the notes after the round closes by issuing certificates linked to the existing notes.

Q: Do convertible notes automatically convert as a result of the round?

A: Notes that are selected to convert as you create the investor invitation will automatically convert.

Q: How do I add documents for certain individuals such as lead investors?

A: You can add additional documents pertaining to the specific investor(s) when you add them in the dashboard.

Q: Can I edit investments after inviting investors?

A: You can edit investment amounts and investor details up until the closing documents have been signed. If the closing documents have been signed, any edits will need to be reflected through a separate invitation to participate.

Q: How do I remove investors?

A: You can remove investors by clicking the “edit” button in the dashboard if they haven’t yet signed the documents. If the investors have already signed, you’ll need to contact your dedicated Carta financing manager.

Q: Shares are being purchased by a fund, not an individual. How do I reflect this?

A: When inviting this entity, you will enter the fund name and the email of the individual associated with the fund. They will receive the invitation and will have the option to accept the shares into the respective fund.

Q: Does Carta handle rolling closes?

A: Yes, Carta does handle rolling closes. This can be reflected in one of two ways. First, you can create a single financing with all investors who can see all other participating investors. Alternatively, you can create 2 financings with separate closing dates, which will act as separate closings. Our customized round and share class details will describe the relationship between these closes.

Q: Are certificates automatically created from the round? Where can I find them?

A: Yes, certificates are created with the information you entered in the round and investor details. You can find these drafted certificates by going to Securities --> Shares --> Add Shares --> Draft shares in the securities ledger. 

Q: How do I issue the preferred certificates?

A: When you’re ready to issue certificates you’ll need to enter information in a few fields such as board approval date, issue date, stakeholder relationship, rule 144 date and select a correct legend. Please find the draft certificates by following the steps in the answer to the question above, and fill out these missing fields. Then check the boxes to the left of the certificates and hit the green "Send" button on the top right to send them for officer signatures.

Q: How do I add a new legend for my new preferred share class?

A: Go to Securities --> Templates --> Legends --> Create Legend. Once it is created, you can go back to your draft certificates and select this new legend in the Legend dropdown.

Q: Now that my certificates are issued, how do I request a new 409a valuation?

A: Once your round is closed, please email to reach out to our valuations analysts. 

If you have any additional questions please send us an email at and we will gladly help!