Payments and Billing

1. Payment information can be viewed and modified in 'Settings' under Company, then clicking 'Payment information.'

2. Click the 'Add payment method' in the lower right to add payment methods.

3. Click on 'Connect account instantly ' to link your bank account information instantly. To add manually, select "acc account manually" and proceed to Step 6 here.

4. Choose your bank from the drop-down list.

 *eShares, Inc. DBA Carta,Inc.

Select 'Continue'

5. Enter your bank account credentials. 

6. Select the payment method and 'Continue'

7. Select which payment methods are used for which billing purposes by selecting 'Use for billing' under 'Actions.'

8. You can also download a 'Transaction History' report to see a complete record of transactions by selecting 'Transactions report' in the drop-down menu of 'View documents.'

Billing Notifications

Currently, all billing notifications are sent to the person who added or updated the account information for the company.

If you would like to change the email address or person associated with billing notifications, contact us at and we would be happy to change this for you.

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