Tender Offer - Admin Setup

This article outlines the admin setup for Buyback and Secondary transactions using our tender offer feature.

1. To get started, navigate to 'Secondaries' under 'Transactions'. NOTE: This link will be available once you have a call with a project manager and have signed an engagement letter for this additional service.

2. Next, click the green 'Create secondary' button and select: Share buyback/ Sale to third-party-purchaser.

3. Add the details for the secondary as well as the seller parameters. 

(Note: You can get more granular with the parameters after you create this initial table. You will be able to export the table to excel and modify per security and per stakeholder maximums and minimums as needed).

4. Upload your documents for all participants to receive. 

These will be watermarked by Carta prior to launching the offer.

Hit 'Next'..

5. Your seller table is now created. You can export the table to excel and update security minimums and maximums as well as per stakeholder. Your project manager at Carta can help as needed and will upload the new table for you. 

Note: The format and columns of this table cannot be changed as it will not import properly.

6. Once the documents have been watermarked and seller table confirmed, you are now ready to invite your participants on launch day! 

To invite participants, first filter for 'Not Invited' Status. 

NOTE: Participants will need to accept their security on Carta before you can invite them to the Tender Offer. Once they accept, they will be moved from ' Not Accepted' status to 'Not Invited'. You will then be able to invite them throughout the open offer.

7. Next, select the top checkbox to invite everyone or select only the participants you want to invite on that page. If you select them all, it does not select everyone on all pages. You will need to go to each page, select all and invite.

Please see this article to review the participant experience once you have sent invites. 

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