Accepting a PIU

When a company issues you a profits interests certificate, you will receive an email notification that includes the profit interest number in the subject line. 

After opening the email, click 'Log in.'  If you have an active Carta account, skip to step 2 and login. Here is the direct link:

Note: The acceptance language used within the email will change based on the security type. 

1. If you do not have a Carta account, you have to click on "Accept on Carta" and a tab will open with the registration page. The e-mail address field will be auto-populated with the e-mail that you received the grant. You have to enter a secondary e-mail and create a password in order to complete the registration.

Carta passwords must be sufficiently complex. We use the realistic password strength estimation to validate complexity of user passwords. Passwords must be:

  • Sufficiently long, around 9 characters or more
  • Sufficiently complex, which may include upper case, lower case, numbers, and symbols
  • Cannot contain common passwords
  • Cannot contain common dictionary words or common phrases
  • Cannot contain common patterns, such as 123456

Once you create an account, you can go ahead and sign in. An activation e-mail will be sent to your secondary e-mail, but you do not need to activate the  secondary  one in order to accept your grant. Note that you will be able to log in using both emails after you activate the secondary. 

2. Once your account is created, you will be prompted to log in. 

You will then be able to accept your security.

3. Type your signature in the popup. If your signature is already in the system, enter it and then click 'Accept profits interest.'

Congratulations! You have accepted your profits interest. From now on, you can log into your Carta account at any time to review it. If you have any questions, please contact

If the button is unresponsive, type into your browser. Recommended browsers for optimal performance are Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. You do not need to enter a unique code once you create a portfolio on Carta. 

Note: The unique code is provided ONLY in the original email invitation.