How do access levels work?

Access Levels for Users Explained

1. To edit the current access level permission set, navigate to Account > People.

2. Click on the edit button by the user, where you will see this modal:

3. Click "Next: edit access level":

4. Set the access level for one or more entities to No access, View or Edit.

  • Edit

This individual will be able to accept securities, request holdings information, manage documents, and edit payment methods and bank accounts on behalf of this entity. This is the highest level of access you can give to an individual. They will have detailed information about the holdings, investors, and transactions.

  • View

This individual will be able to view information for the holdings, investors and transactions, but will not be able to make any changes to the account.

  • No Access

This will remove all editing and viewing access for this user for the entities selected. EX: Limited Partners can give users edit, view and no access to different entities on the account.

5. Click "Update permissions" to save your changes.

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