Data room overview

Data rooms help you organize all of the necessary documents that need to be shared with investors and counsel during the due diligence phase of a transaction.

1. Start by creating your room. Choose whether or not you want participants to download documents. Also choose whether or not you want the documents to be watermarked with the participants' information when they view the document. 

2. Begin building your room by creating folders and uploading documents.  You can create documents and folders within a folder. Just go into the folder and then upload.
You can also upload a zip file of your existing folder and file structure. We will automatically recreate this structure in your data room. Choose reset to replace all existing folders and files with your zip file.

Delete documents and folders if needed.

3. Give participants access to your data room. They will only be able to see this data room. Learn more about the participant experience  here.
4. Viewing history will display a record of every time a document is viewed. Date, time, document and who opened it will all be shown.

5. Archive your data room when due diligence is done. 
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