Signing certificates, option grants, warrants or convertibles

Officers who are designated as signatories must sign each security before an investor or employee receives their security.

For certificates, two signatories are required while for warrants, convertible notes, and option grants one signatory is sufficient. 

1. To find out how to assign signatories to the company, please click here

2. Once the security has been issued on the platform, the ledger will show the security status as 'Sent.'   

Signatories will receive an email notifying them that there is a security available to sign: 

Note: Signatories will need to sign prior to the 'Go Live' during their onboarding.

3. By clicking on the 'Review and sign <security type>' link in the email, signatories will be able to log in to Carta and view the securities that need their signature. 

4. To bulk sign the securities, signatories can select the checkbox in the column header and click  'Sign and Send Selected Certificates.

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