Issue a Capital Call

To issue a capital call, navigate into the individual fund level. 

Hover over the 'Transactions' tab and select 'Capital calls.

Here, you can view past and current capital calls, as well as create a new capital call. To issue a new capital call, click on the green 'Create capital call' button.

This will allow you to enter information associated with the new capital call. Select the gray 'Edit' and 'Add info' button to enter the capital call details. 

Enter the details of the capital call.

To enter investor contributions, enter amounts by using call by percent, or the open 'to be called field'. 

Save in the upper right hand corner when done. 

Once you are done with with the funds to be contributed, you will move onto payment section. 

Enter the wiring details for your bank account to be printed on the capital call notice.

Once you have added wiring and mailing details, click "Review Capital Call"

You will be prompted to review the capital call.

You may view the notice that will be sent to the investor. To view this select 'Download sample'.  

Once the capital call has been reviewed, click the 'Start capital call button.' 

In your capital call dashboard, the ongoing capital call will be displayed as 'Active.'

If you click into 'View' you can see further capital call details. 

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