Importing Investors

To import investors, navigate to the fund you would like to import investors to.

Hover over the 'Investors' tab and select 'Partners.'

Click on 'Manage partners' and select 'Import partners.'

You will be prompted to download the template.

Click 'Download' to open the Excel document. In the Partners Importer, you will be prompted to enter information about your investors.

You can import both limited and general partners in the same spreadsheet, by changing the 'Class' through the dropdown selection.

Once the spreadsheet is complete, save the document. To upload your investors, click 'Select file.' Choose the Excel document and import the file.

Once the spreadsheet has been imported, you will be able to view your investors.

To modify the investors, check the box next to the investor’s name. Select 'Actions.'

You will have the option to cancel the fund commitment or modify information about your investors. To modify the name, email, issue date, and/or commitment associated with the investor, select the checkbox next to the field you wish to edit.

Add a modification reason.

Review and save the modification.

To add new investors, you can download the 'Import partners' sheet again.

Once this process is complete and the information about your investors is correct, you will be able to invite your investors to join the platform.

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