Stakeholder Custom Properties

Stakeholder Custom Properties are a simple way to classify and organize the company's stakeholder ledger.

To add a new custom property:

1. Navigate to 'All stakeholders' under the 'Stakeholders' tab.

2. Then click on 'Manage stakeholder properties'.

3. Name your new property in the field.

4. Click the plus button to add properties.

5. Name the second property in the field.

6. Click the 'Save' button to save properties.

7. Then click on 'Manage stakeholders' and select 'Update properties'

8. Then click download template to get an excel sheet of your stakeholders. 

9. Select the property tab you want to edit.

10. In the excel sheet you can update the stakeholders with a new value and date. NOTE: Only edit the white space within the excel sheet. The grey columns are locked and SHOULD NOT be modified.

11. Finally, go back to step 3, select your spreadsheet, and press 'Import spreadsheet'.

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