Exporting the cap table

This article will show you how to export your cap table and ledgers in Excel format. List of cap table reports:

  1. Summary
  2. Summary by Stakeholder Property
  3.  Detailed Ownership
  4. Securities ledgers by type and class
  5. Include Draft Securities (to select this option, at least one from 1 to 4 must be selected first)

To get started, navigate to the 'Reports' page under Capitalization.

Select the information you'd like to include in your report. The three selected tabs are most commonly checked. Each checkbox you select will be included in a tab in your report. Enter the effective "as of" date for your report, then press "Export" to begin your download.

Note: The"Include draft securities" box will only be available after at least one other box is checked.All reports will take a moment to run. Once completed, you can download the file from clicking the "View" button on the green pop up

Or from the "Downloads" folder

Summary table

Your summary table includes a high-level overview of the issued and authorized shares, broken down by share class. No individual shareholders are visible in the summary table.

Summary table by stakeholder property

Your summary table by the desired property includes a grouped overview of the issued and authorized shares, broken down by shareholder's property like "cost center", "relationship", "job title", etc.

Detailed ownership

Detailed ownership includes the share quantity of each shareholder and option holder, separated into outstanding and fully diluted counts. We also provide the ownership percentage based on these counts.


A ledger contains the full listing of certificates, options, warrants, and convertible notes. We include information like shareholder name, email address, quantity, price, notes, and more.


If you include drafts in your report, they will show up in red.

NOTE: If you do not initially see the Drafts in the cap table report, double check the issue/grant date fields of the drafts as it may be dated after the report date. 

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