Why can't I access board meetings?

The meetings feature in Boardroom is an add-on feature that your organization must subscribe to. If you are interested in upgrading to the Boardroom feature which includes the Carta board meeting management and board approval tools, please email the Carta relationship management team

How can I tell if I have access?

If you see the "Upgrade" icon next to Meetings this means your organization does not have access and will have to pay for the Boardroom add-on. 

If you do have access to the Meetings page, but unable to start a meeting, ensure that a "Board Admin" was set, as shown here.

I had access to Meetings before but now I don't?

The board meeting feature was free to everyone, for a limited time, while it was in Beta. Due to increased costs of 3rd party integrations and a commitment to deliver only the highest quality product, Carta has decided to only offer Boardroom, including Meetings and Approvals as a paid add-on feature. 

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