Enroll in an ESPP

When a company invites you to participate in their Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP), you will receive an email inviting you to enroll through Carta. 

After opening the email, click “Log in.” If you already have an active Carta account, you can skip to log in and review tasks by following this link.

If you do not have a Carta account, proceed with registering an account and activating it using the activation email that is sent to you on registration.

Once your account is activated you will be prompted to log in and will be directed to your tasks page. Click “Enroll” to review the offering details prior to signing to confirm enrollment.

The next page allows you to review a summary of the current plan and offering period, and set your payroll contribution rate. You can also download and review the relevant plan documents. Once you set your contribution rate, click “Sign and enroll.”

You will then be prompted to confirm your enrollment by checking off all boxes next to the relevant plan documents and then typing your signature before clicking 'Enroll.'

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