Setting up an ESPP

If you would like to set up an Employee Stock Purchase plan ("ESPP") on Carta, you must first navigate to “Employee stock purchase plans” page. 

Next, click “Add Plan.”

On the next page you will be required to input general details about the ESPP and the offering period policy, and will need to upload the relevant plan document(s) for the ESPP. Please begin in entering details about the ESPP. Based on the provisions of your company’s plan document(s), you can enable or disable “lookback” and “employee election rollover” features.

Next, enter details about the offering period policy.

You can now upload the relevant plan document(s) for the ESPP. After uploading the document(s), click “Next: Add offering period” to move to the next page.

To create an offering period, you must enter a name for the offering period (ex. OP-1), the date range for the enrollment and offering period, and the allocation date (i.e. the purchase date at the end of the offering period). You will then be required to download the participant spreadsheet template, add details about your company’s participants, and then upload your revised participant spreadsheet. Next, please click “Finish” to complete the setup process for your your ESPP.

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