Private company administration

FAQs - Private Companies

Common questions about Carta

31 articles

Managing settings - Company Admin

Set up your Carta account

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Onboarding - Private Companies

Documents required for onboarding

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Boardroom includes board member management, approvals, and meetings.

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Issue warrants, convertibles, and equity

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Administrator exercising

Exercise option grants thru ACH or manually

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Share certificates

Manage share certificates

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Vesting schedules

How to create vesting schedules

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409A valuations

Perform 409A valuations

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ASC 718 - Version 1 (Expense accounting)

Generate ASC 718 and ASC 505-50 Expense Reports

29 articles

ASC 718 - Version 2 (Expense reporting)

Generate ASC 718 and ASC 505-50 Expense Reports

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Form 3921

Generate form 3921 and request your TCC

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Data room

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Financings, round of funding

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Tender Offers

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Public company administration


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Employee Stock Purchase Plans

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Portfolio - Public Companies

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Financial reporting

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Portfolio management

FAQs - Portfolio Management

Common portfolio questions

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Getting Started - Portfolio Management

Set up your Carta portfolio

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Option holdings and exercising

Articles on how to manage your options

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Managing settings - Personal Portfolio

Adjust and manage your settings

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Investment firms

FAQs - Investment Firms

Common Investor product questions

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Getting Started - Investment Firms

Set up your eShares account

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Onboarding - Investment Firms

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Investor Access

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Limited partners

Get information about our LP products

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Portfolio - Investment Firms

Manage your investments in Carta

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Upload and manage your docs on Carta

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Portfolio Insights and Valuations

Portfolio Insights and Valuations

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Law firms

Legal Administrator Guide

Everything Legal Admins need to know

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Exercise Workflow

Administrator Exercising

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