What types of email communication will my clients receive about Launch?

Companies will not be contacted until the attorney or paralegal inputs the company’s cap table data and acknowledges that the “data is reviewed and correct.”

When the law firm hits “Send to company admin and invite signatories,” two things happen:

  • The company administrator is sent a copy of Carta’s Terms of Service agreement.
  • The company signatories are contacted and asked to create their Carta account and sign securities.

These two actions must be complete for the company to go live on Carta and issue electronic securities to stakeholders. Until then, Carta will not issue out securities or set the account live on Carta.

Note: It is common for the company administrator (i.e. CEO, Founder, CFO) to be a signatory as well, so they may receive more than one email from Carta asking them to complete different actions.

The exact communication Carta sends to companies can be seen below:

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