Why we need stakeholder email addresses

Carta asks for companies to provide their stakeholders' email addresses in order to invite company officers to log in, sign their electronic issuances, and to invite equity stakeholders to accept securities. 

Email addresses make sure that the correct stakeholders have electronic access to their equity in your company. It is also the primary means for holders to receive notices about company events, equity events and keep their contact information accurate and up-to-date.

Since Carta is a live self-service platform, each stakeholder on the cap table will be notified to accept their securities on Carta. Upon receiving this notification, the holders will be able to create their own account on Carta (under the email provided by the company or a different personal email).

In Carta, there are two places you can see the email information for your stakeholders. 

The first place is under "Stakeholders". This ledger lists the email address that the company input upon sending the security.

The second place is the "Stakeholder contact spreadsheet" in 'Reports' under "Capitalization" - this will show the email address that users used to accept their securities on Carta.

See this list of all email communications sent via Carta to your stakeholders, and this list of when we may be required to use the regular mail.

For more information about updating the email addresses on Carta, take a look at this article.

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