Issue Warrants - Bulk Import

1. If you would like to draft warrants, click on the 'Warrants' under the Securities heading. On the right side of the page click the 'Draft Warrants.'

2. Click on the 'Add warrants' drop down, then 'Import multiple warrants.'

3. You will be prompted to download our spreadsheet template and add your own information to it. Then you can select the spreadsheet to upload. 

After this is complete, click 'Next: match spreadsheet columns.' 

4. Next, you will be prompted to match column headings from the spreadsheet to the warrant fields they belong to. 

5. If there is an error, please go back and correct it. If there are no errors, click 'Import Data.'

6. Next, it will allow you to change each of the warrants individually if necessary. When you are done updating one warrant, continue making changes to each of the warrants.

7. Select all of the warrants that you wish to be sent for officer signatures. Then at the top of the page click 'Send.'

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