Uploading Investor Documents

**This feature will send the document to all of the investment firm's Partners. If you would like to send a document to an individual partner, please follow these instructions.** 

Investment firms that have added their LPs to the investment firm can send documents to their partners. 

To upload and share investor documents, navigate into the individual fund level. Hover over the 'Investors' tab and select 'Partner Documents.'

Here, you will be able to see a list of documents that have already been shared with the investors. To upload additional documents, select 'Upload documents.' You will have the option to upload a single file, multiple files, or divide a PDF.

To upload a single file, select a recipient and fill out the document type, name, date and choose a file. The 'Recipients' dropdown will allow you to upload files to multiple investors, all investors, or a single investor. Once the fields have been completed, click 'Upload.'

To upload multiple files, you will be prompted to download an excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will be pre-populated with the names of the investors and their associated fund. 

The spreadsheet will allow you to select the document type that you wish to upload. 

The file name should match the name of the document in the file folder. 

You can also upload multiple files for each investor within the spreadsheet.

Once the spreadsheet has been completed, it should be uploaded along with a zip file of the physical copies of the investor documents. 

Once the documents are uploaded, you will be able to view them in the 'Partner documents' view within the individual fund. 

After documents have been uploaded, they can be shared and/or deleted. To send documents, check the box associated with the investor to which you want to send the document.

Click 'Actions' and 'Share documents.' 

Select notification type: send with daily digest, send immediately or no notification. 

Include a message and click 'Share.'

You can also delete documents and send reminder messages to the investor. 

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