Searching and Managing Tags

Carta's search and filter tools allow you to navigate and filter your holdings.

Click on your investment firm at the top of the page to view all of the holdings in the investment firm. If you want to view the holdings for a specific fund, click into that fund.

Investment firms and funds can tag their portfolio companies by sector, location. 

To get started with importing and updating portfolio company tags, first go to the 'Portfolio' page.

Select 'Manage tags'.

Download the tags spreadsheet template.

In the template you can modify existing tags or add tags to a new category. 

To create a new category, enter the tag type in row 4 after the Going-in section. 

Re-upload the spreadsheet by clicking Select Spreadsheet. 

You can select the appropriate file and then choose 'Import Spreadsheet' to continue.

You will be able to filter companies on your portfolio by 'Status', 'Geography', 'Sector', 'Going-in Stage', and 'Fund'. You can select more than one filter, if you want. 

Filter: Status

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Filter: Geography

Filter: Sector

Filter: Going-in Stage

Filter: Fund

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