Request, Upload and View Company Documents

Investors can upload, request, and view documents from the company document page.

To view the company document page, select the company you’d like to view from ‘Portfolio.'  Click the companies name or logo to view more information about them.

From the company page, click 'Documents' on the right-hand side of the screen. 

In the 'Closing documents' section, you have the ability to request documents, see what has been requested, and view previously uploaded documents.

If you click the "Upload closing documents" you will have the ability to upload documents for each of the rounds you invested in.

If you click the "Request" button, you will have the option to include a message to the company regarding why you are requesting these documents.

Once you have received access to the documents or uploaded them yourself, you will be able to view and download. 

In the 'Other documents' section, you have the ability to upload other documents.

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