Workflow for issuing securities on Carta

1. To issue securities on Carta after you have drafted your securities, select the securities you wish to send to company officers for signature, then click 'Send.' 

This will add the securities to the relevant ledger under "Securities" and an email notification will be sent to the company signatories.

2. The securities that have yet to be signed will have an "Awaiting signature" flag and " Outstanding" status.

3. When the signatory logs into Carta, they will be directed to the tasks page to review the securities and sign.

4. Once the signatories sign, an email notification will be sent to the holder to accept. This article goes over the acceptance workflow.

Securities that have been signed by the company and sent to the holder will have an "Awaiting Holder Signature" flag.

5. If a holder or company administrator did not receive the email notification about the security, you can resend the email through Carta. Select the securities that need to be resent, then select 'Resend emails' under 'Actions.'

The security holder will then have the ability to accept the certificate:

Once the certificate is accepted, the security will be marked as "Oustanding" without flags.

You can also view the dates each approval was completed by clicking on the security and selecting 'Approvals' in the grant details

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