Uploading Using PDF Divider

The PDF Divider can be used to send multiple documents to your LPs from a single PDF. 

1. To upload investor documents first navigate to the applicable fund.

2. Select 'Partner documents.'

3. Select 'Divide PDF' in the 'Upload Document' drop-down menu

4. Download document template. Open the Template in Excel. 

Both the Partner and Unique Identifier columns will be pre-populated when you download the template. 

The Unique identifier is the text will be looked for when the importer is scanning the document. The exact Partner name in the document is a good unique identifier in most cases. 

Select the Document Type from the drop-down menu in the worksheet. 

The Document Name and Date display in the Investor's Document's section. 

The File Name should match the file name of the PDF file that you are uploading. The file extension is required (example: Krakatoa Ventures - K-1.pdf): 

5. Upload the completed document along with the .pdf file to be uploaded.

6. Once the document upload has been completed, you will need to send the documents to your investors by clicking the checkbox next to their name and clicking 'Actions' then 'Send documents'. 

7.After clicking  'Send Documents' a new window will apear where you can choose how you will share the document with your investors. 

8. Then you can include a message to your investors before sending the documents.

If you experience any issues while uploading documents, feel free to reach out to investorservices@carta.com for assistance. 

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