How do I complete an investor's request for information?

When an investor sends a request for information, you will receive an email from Carta (

Follow the secure "Upload your information" link to a webpage where you can provide the requested documents.

You should provide documents that are for the period requested by your investor (e.g. Q4 2017). If your investor has specified a completion date, please provide the documents by that date.

1. Download the Financials (forecasts included) and KPI template most appropriate for your company and proceed to complete it.

2. If you are a Carta customer, share summary-level access to your cap table with the investor via Carta. Here is a link to a support article on how to share cap table access with stakeholders. 

  • If you are not a customer, please attach your most recent capitalization table and incorporation documents.

3. Upload completed financials and key performance indicator templates along with capitalization table, and articles of incorporation.  You can drag and down or upload files.

4. Fill out contact information.

After submitting the documents, fill out the contact form to let the investor know who to contact with questions.

4. Press "Submit." You're done!

If you have any questions or would like assistance with your request for information, reach out to one of our onboarding managers. All relevant contact information is provided on the sidebar of the secure link provided.

What happens to my data?

Once we organize the data, your investor will be able to see your information in a format similar to below.

Example income statement:

Example KPI:

Your source files will also be available for download.

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